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Graduation Package Examples

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Your Graduation Package Includes:

Official Diploma: Your diploma will be the same quality as those issued by most traditional high schools and printed on 60-lb parchment paper that is a full 8-1/2 x 11 inches.

Official Transcripts: Your transcripts will include all courses required for the degree that you are receiving based on your life experience submission. The documents will be printed on no copy security paper and include our official seal.

Faxable Transcripts: Your transcripts on photocopy friendly paper suitable for faxing.

Verification service: Should the need arise, our registrar will provide a replacement diploma or transcripts, or verify that you graduated from our program to any third party that you authorize to receive the information.


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By participating in this program you agree to following terms: I fully understand that the program does not convey the means nor is intended to be used to fulfill any state or federal requirements for attending high school or other educational requirement nor equivalent to a high school education. I fully understand that, at the discretion of the institution I may be admitted to college or accepted for employment by taking additional testing including by illustration, not limitation, ability to benefit tests administered by the institution requiring them. Furthermore, I fully understand that the Graduation Package is not an accredited high school course or a replacement for a traditional high school diploma and is not equivalent to a high school education or diploma. I understand that the program offered will not give me the right to represent myself as a graduate of a traditional high school, an accredited high school program or the holder of an accredited degree and I am participating in the program for the sole purpose of self improvement.

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